Tank of Cabras and Norbello

Cabras and Norbello (OR) – 1986

Architecture: Aldo Favini
Structures: Aldo Favini
Contractor: S.A.F.I.E. S.p.A.

Potable water tank for 3000 m3 with hydraulic head of 7 m and water level higher than 45.5 m from the ground, in reinforced concrete with prestressed and prefabricated parts. The cup of the tank was made with upright formwork; the tank of Norbello had 350 m3 of permanent formwork.

Structural scheme
Truncated conical tank rigidly interlocked with central trunk.

«…Many designers of raised water tanks, even of very large size, prefer to design the vat independent of the trunk, supported by ties. In my calculations the maximum tension of the concrete was at the intersection between the bottom of the vat and the horizontal panel of the end of the trunk. Therefore I decided to create a formwork composed of sheets of reinforced concrete that would form a lining external to the wall of the vat itself. A framework of metal beams was the support for the prefabricated sheets. The reinforced concrete structure did not have seams at that point. But there was a difficulty: the metal support formed by composite beams had to be removed. In the tank at Norbello I took a step forward: the framework that included the formwork was composed of a series of trussed joists in reinforced concrete and radial metal ties on which to rest the reinforced concrete sheets. In this way the temporary framework became an integral, resistant part of the structure.»

AF 2004.

• Serbatoio sopraelevato a Cabras (Sardegna), in “L’industria italiana del cemento”, n. 643, April 1990;
• Serbatoio sopraelevato a Cabras, Oristano, in “L’industria delle costruzioni”, n. 188, June 1987.

  • Anno
  • Tipologia
    Individual practice
  • Architetto
    Aldo Favini

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