Residence, Termini di Sorrento

Termini di Sorrento (SA) – 1964

Architecture: Bruno Morassutti
Structures: Aldo Favini
Client: Private

Morassutti envisions the roof on four pillars as a light vault, but Favini makes it with extradosed beams and concrete-masonry slab on falsework, in keeping with the possibilities of the worksite. GB 2009.

Structural scheme
Slab simply resting on supports.

«…In an exceptional location on the Sorrento coast – three hundred meters over the sea, with a view of Capri in the distance – the house had to be as transparent as possible, to fully enjoy the view. Therefore it was made with a slender vertical structure – just four concrete columns for each roof slab – and glass enclosure walls; inside, the maintain contact with the view and the light from outside, and to enjoy the changing colors of the air and sky, the walls are only partial in height, and their meeting with the roof is always transparent. The place has breezes – another advantage, besides the view – and the absence of internal full-height partitions allows the air to circulate from one side to the other, keeping the rooms cool. The house is composed of two separate units, under two different roofs, that are very close to each other yet do not meet. The guestroom is under the smaller roof, while the shared living area, the other bedrooms and the services are under the larger roof.»

From “Domus”, 423.

• Una casa senza pareti sotto due vele, in “Domus”, n. 423, February 1965.

  • Anno
  • Tipologia
  • Architetto
    Bruno Morassutti

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