Perugina Plant

Perugia – 1961

Architecture: Carlo Rusconi Clerici
Structures: Aldo Favini
Contractor: SOGENE S.p.A.
Client: PERUGINA S.p.A.

A complex of industrial buildings in reinforced concrete composed of a three-story volume for warehouses, offices and physical plant, a production facility with shed roofing, and auxiliary buildings. Overall indoor area 47,700 m2; volume 400,000 m3.

Structural scheme
Thin vault roof in prestressed reinforced concrete, simply resting on the supports.

«…In the shed volume the vertical structural framework is marked by a series of pillars that widen as they rise, arranged at intervals of 20 meters in the side parallel to the facades, of 21.15 m in the other direction. These pillars support the channel beams arranged perpendicular to the three-story building, which contain the air conditioning system. These constitute the load-bearing member of the vaults and the novelty of this structure. The roof is formed by a succession of thin vaults in prestressed reinforced concrete, interlocked at the position of the channel beams, forming a hollow impost beam in the longitudinal direction and connected to each other by means of the precast posts of the glazings. The resulting sheds have a parabolic shape without ties, entirely made in reinforced concrete, completed on the intrados by sound-absorbing stucco, and on the outside by rock wool matting protected by a layer of tarred cardboard to form a vapor barrier. The roof surface is formed for the entire length by steel parts curved to match the shape of the vaults.»

From Aloi 1966.

• Giampiero Aloi, Architetture industriali contemporanee, Hoepli, Milano 1966.

  • Anno
  • Tipologia
  • Architetto
    Carlo Rusconi Clerici

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