Genoa – 1955

Architecture: Angelo Mangiarotti and Bruno Morassutti
Structures: Aldo Favini
Client: Paolo Morassutti S.p.A.
Not built

A 22-story tower building with a circular plan and central load-bearing structure.

Structural scheme
Ribbed overhanging slabs interlocked on a central load-bearing nucleus.

«…The first skyscraper in prestressed reinforced concrete with completely cantilevered floor slabs (from 5 to 6 meters) will stand on the Italian coast; the building is for offices, with a spiral layout around a central core of elevators, with floors having heights of 3.50 and 5.25 meters. The tower offers a wide range of possible variations in the sizing of the offices. The external surface, completely in glass, reveals the internal structure and gives the bulk of the building an exceptional sense of lightness.»

From “Domus”, n. 309.

• A. Mangiarotti and B. Morassutti, Un grattacielo in cemento precompresso, in “Domus”, n. 309, August 1955.

  • Anno
  • Tipologia
  • Architetto
    Angelo Mangiarotti e Bruno Morassutti

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