Caserta – 1974

Architecture: Gigi Ghò
Structures: Aldo Favini
Contractor: I.C.L.A., Napoli
Client: KODAK S.p.A.

«…The plant is located in the industrial area of Marcianise near Caserta and covers an area of about 12,500 m2; it has a cross-shaped plan, and the central part set aside for physical plant is raised. Expansion is planned. The grid measures 15 x 15 meters, and on one side an overhanging canopy has been built of 6 meters, obtained with the same type of structure.»

LB 1976.

Structural scheme
Thin vault roofing elements with flanges for stiffening, span of 15 meters, resting on the structure of beams and pillars.

«… A. Laboratories
The cover an area of about 3500 m2. Roof in prefabricated and prestressed X-shaped segments resting on beams with a box section, also precast in prestressed reinforced concrete. Plates of vibrated cement are placed between the prefabricated segments, with a span of 1.25 m and width of 62.5 cm. The pillars, with an asymmetrical H section, are set into cylindrical plinths supported by piles of the Franchi type with a diameter of 420 and 305 mm.
B. Offices
A grid of 15 x 15 meters for an area of about 4000 m2 with a central zone of about 1800 m2 on a grid of 7.5 x 7.50 m. It has two horizontal slabs, while the lateral volumes have only the roof slab. The first slab of the raised central zone is composed of a coffered plate poured on site, on pillars with capitals incorporated in the slab itself. The roof of the central zone is similar to that of the laboratories. Foundations on Franchi piles, cylindrical plinths.
C. Warehouses
They cover an area of about 4500 m2. Grid of 15 x 15 meters. Roof, pillars, plinths and piles as in the laboratories. All the buildings are protected by prefabricated reinforced concrete sunscreens, whose form has been designed taking the orientation of the facade into account.»

LB 1976.

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  • Architetto
    Gigi Ghò