Pioltello (MI) – 1968

Architecture: Aldo Favini
Structures: Aldo Favini
Contractor: Bonomi & Vecchi S.p.A.
Client: F.lli Gondrand S.p.A.

«…The new Gondrand complex stands on a very large area on the outskirts of Milan, and is the only main warehouse, with an internal length of 188.8 m, with a width of 92.5, having overhangs on three sides, to cover an area of about 21,000 m2…».

LB 1969.

Structural scheme
Vault roof formed by arches with two hinges.

«…The roof of the hangar is composed of a series of parabolic arches with the following geometric characteristics: interaxial 7.2 m; theoretical span 43.2 m; rise 11.5 m. In static terms, the structure is a three-hinged arch during the operations and assembly loads, and then becomes – following the blocking of the key section – an arch with two hinges at the imposts. The choice of the arch with two hinges was essentially suggested by the quality of the foundation terrain, to reduce the effects of temperature changes and those caused by the static instability of the arch. The arch has a variable moment of inertia, a double-T section with a core of 10 cm and a height varying from 80 cm at the key to 94 cm at the impost, with width of the flanges of 45 cm.»

LB 1969.

• Laura Biraghi, Il nuovo centro operativo F.lli Gondrand a Pioltello, in “L’industria italiana del cemento”, n. 8, 1969.

  • Anno
  • Tipologia
    Individual practice
  • Architetto
    Aldo Favini