FIMI Factory

Rescaldina (MI) – 1961

Architecture: Carlo Rusconi Clerici
Structures: Aldo Favini
Contractor: Ing. R. Meregaglia & C., Milan
Client: FIMI S.p.A.

Shed with thin vaults supported by channel beams for physical plant systems.

Structural scheme
Pressed reinforced concrete thin vaults, simply resting on the supports.

«…The structure […] is based on that of the FIMI factory at Rescaldina; here too, the roof is composed of self-supporting cylindrical precast shed vaults with larger spans (31 m), with intervals of 7.2 m, resting on perimeter deep beams with a C section, to form ventilation channels. In this case, however, the vaults were poured on site in wooden formwork.»

From A.I.T.E.C.,1966.

• Stabilimento FIMI (Bassetti), Rescaldina, in “Atti del V Congresso Internazionale del Precompresso (F.I.P.). Realizzazioni italiane in cemento armato precompresso”, A.I.T.E.C., Paris 1966.

  • Anno
  • Tipologia
  • Architetto
    Carlo Rusconi Clerici

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