Residential building, via Gavirate 27

Milan – 1960

Architecture: Angelo Mangiarotti and Bruno Morassutti
Structures: Aldo Favini
Contractor: Geom. Giovanni Spinola, MI
Client: Cooperativa edilizia CZ1, MI

Residential building composed of three cylindrical three-story blocks on a central ground floor pillar.

Structural scheme
Four circular slabs overhanging from a central column in reinforced concrete resting on circular plinth and capital in prestressed reinforced concrete.

«The structural scheme of the building is composed of a central load-bearing pillar with four overhanging upper slabs with a circular plan. The prestressing has made it possible, by reducing the strains in the concrete, to diminish the sections of the main load-bearing members: a hollow central pillar with a circular crown section, having external diameter of 180 cm and internal diameter of 60 cm, terminating in a foundation plinth. At the top, the pillar widens to form a truncated conical capital whose structure is composed of four radial consoles connected by a lower conical slab and a sturdy ring beam, at the extremity of the overhang. The slab of the first floor is cantilevered on the capital, and the pillars of the upper levels are set on it in such a way as to form a central square in the plan, of 4 meters per side; these pillars are connected to each level by beams. Only the plinth and the capital are in prestressed reinforced concrete.»

From A.I.T.E.C., 1962.

• Plinto di fondazione e capitello di un edificio a Milano, in “Atti del IV Congresso Internazionale del Precompresso (F.I.P.), Roma-Napoli 1962, A.N.I.C.A.P. Realizzazioni italiane in cemento armato precompresso,” published by A.I.T.E.C., 1962;
• La casa a tre cilindri a San Siro, Milano, in “Domus”, n. 387, 1962.

  • Anno
  • Tipologia
  • Architetto
    Angelo Mangiarotti e Bruno Morassutti

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