Aperol Facility

Padua – 1963/1970

Architecture: Bruno Morassutti then MORASSUTTI e Associati: Bruno Morassutti, Gabriella Benevento, Giovanna Gussoni, Mario Memoli
Structures: ldo Favini
Not built

Project for a new Barbieri facility in Padua developed in two phases in 1963 and 1970 and never built.

Structural scheme
Prefabricated and prestressed beams simply resting on internal spans of 16.5 m and external spans of 16.5 m, plus 6.5 m overhang.

«…This new type of prefabricated, prestressed structure will be built in Padua, and will be the load-bearing framework of an industrial facility. The practical interest of the structure is that the internal beams, of 16.5 m, and the external beams, of 16.5 m plus 6.25 m of overhang, always maintain the same form, and can be prepared using the same formwork. The equality, which might seem structurally irrational, is permitted by prestressing, which makes it possible to induce states of co-action where needed, and therefore to shape the structures in terms of formal research. Here the shaped, slender beam suggests the form of certain tapered canoes of native Americans, which the designer observed…
…The building, seen here as a model, has a covered area of 67.50 x 62.75 m, and is constructed, except for the plinths poured in place, with entirely prefabricated parts: the pillars (with a double-T form), the beams and the roof. The latter is formed by brick panels, one meter wide, with length varying to match the form of the beams: installed at intervals, the panels permit lighting from above with flat skylights in polyester resin (with air chambers); the red of the brick, remaining visible inside, naturally colors the ceiling of the building, setting off the slender form of the concrete beams.»

From “Domus”, 405.

• Nuove forme in cemento precompresso, in “Domus”, n. 405, August 1963.

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    Morassutti e Associati

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